We present our new product

Our new SPU product offers great versatility of movement and manoeuvrability. Pivoting on itself, it is capable of transporting any type of load inside the facilities. This platform is equipped with the Synersight Natural Navigation system (VSlam) allowing a quick and easy installation and commissioning.

This machine has two logic controllers, programmable with safety technologies to manage the control and safety system, thus ensuring safe and reliable operation.

The Flexi Soft PLC is a configuration software that provides documentation and wiring diagram, with quick verification of the safety application. Diagnostic interfaces on the main module and the configuration memory located in the system connector allow fast commissioning, component replacement and troubleshooting, thus minimising downtimes.

CPU F offers solutions with integral industrial safety functions using state-of-the-art technology, with the aim of making the operation of installations, systems, machines and networks safer.

One of the important elements in the active safety of the machine is the laser scanner for the detection of persons and objects. The machine is equipped with the SICK MicroScan3-Profinet laser scanner.