Renew or die

Because an old product, if it is good, should not die. Synersight has worked during this year on a project to update and improve its longest-lived family of machines; we are referring to the CM RX machines: belonging to the mouse range of our catalogue, a team from the engineering department has worked very hard to prevent these robust machines from being outdated. A fine-tuning of the programming of these machines, combined with an electronic evolution have played an important role.

In what ways will our customers be able to detect these improvements?

Thanks to the team’s efforts with the CM family, our customers will enjoy great improvements, both in the VSystems environment and in our machines.

We have worked on the information reported by our machine to VSystems because we consider it one of our pillars, information is power!

On the other side, the communications between the machine and VSystems have been completely redesigned to optimise the reliability on the client.

Most remarkable improvements in VSystems:

  • New defect system.
  • More information about the versions of the machine’s peripherals is now available.
  • More information on AGV events.
  • Improved reading tag log.
  • Improvements in the sending and checking system of tags.
  • Possibility of assigning speed values with decimals.
  • Complete report of all events made by the AGV and the location they occur from.
  • Option to add CM and SM tags in the same circuit.
  • Optimisation of machine status on the online view.
  • New AGV configuration system.

In addition to the improvements in VSystems, regarding the machine we can find:

  • Improved stability of the electronic system, reducing the failure rate.
  • Remote update for all new electronic peripherals.
  • Logging system in SD.
  • Improved battery management and measurement system.
  • Lithium battery management system.
  • Mikrotik monitoring and management system.
  • Configurable options management system by means of physical microswitches on the CPU.
  • Self-configuration check system via VSystems.
  • Tag capacity increased from 1000 to 8000 tags.
  • Digital inputs and outputs increased for future improvements or developments.
  • CAN communication implemented.