process automation


They are the standard used for transporting carts.
These vehicles help to automate the logistics of your facilities, improving cycle times, reliability and process efficiency.

They adapt to the load requirements of each industry with a capacity of up to 5 tons and sloping surfaces.

process robotics automation

CML Model

The most compact and lightest AGV with all the features

CM2W Serie

The perfect combination of maneuverability and performance

CM Serie

Simplicity and efficiency adapted to customer needs

workflow automation

SMU Model

The perfect combination of maneuverability and performance

warehouse robots

SMB Model

The bidirectional model of the SM Series

This range is made up of our lowest profile machines. They can be incorporated into any company and adapted to any type of task and environment. Its use provides not only a reduction in costs and an increase in the efficiency of the processes, but also improvements in safety and quality.