We are launching a new website!

After several months of work, we can finally present our new project; a new website completely renewed, with a design that reflects our essence and our values and, above all, a fully functional tool where you can find all the information about our services and products.

What can we find on this new website?

Our new website makes clear who we are, what we do and, above all, how we do it. We know that the most important thing for our customers is the quality of the service we offer, as well as the quality of our products. For this reason, we have designed and created a user-friendly structure that offers the information and answers that our customers are demanding in an agile way.

A space dedicated to talking about automation solutions

We explain the composition of our product ranges and our wide variety of services, and the importance that, as the technological company we are, we give to the composition of these according to the technologies they include.

We have improved the navigability and user experience making it much easier to find what you are looking for, regardless where you are reading us from; mobile, tablet or computer.

An interactive website

Because we care about being connected with you.

You can now subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly the latest news on automation, product and service innovations, etc.

As a novelty, we have prepared downloadable material related to the main technical characteristics of each of our products. In this case, they are Technical Data Sheets associated with each of the machines in our catalogue.

Furthermore, regarding the content, our new website includes all the information related to the latest technologies included in our machines, that is to say:

  • Navigation systems, where you will obtain all the information related to our latest navigation system SYNERSIGHT NATURAL NAVIGATION.
  • Management systems, where we present one of our flagship products VSYSTEMS.
  • Safety systems, increasingly evolved and demanding.
  • Connectivity systems, so you can see how our machines communicate.

Our services

Naturally, we keep the pages dedicated to explaining in detail everything we do, but this time, we have included much more information so that at glance you can solve all your doubts. If not, by means of a very quick form, our sales team will get in touch with you to offer the personalised solution you were looking for.

Undoubtedly, our new website is a powerful tool that shows our commitment to improve and update, striving to be at the forefront of the process automation sector.