Discover Synersight’s latest innovation in logistics automation!

Synersight presents its latest addition to the family of AMR automated platforms: the new SPO model, based on VSlam technology for natural navigation. At Synersight, we offer innovative solutions that revolutionize logistics automation, and the SPO is a clear example of this.

The SPO is a mobile platform with dimensions of 1281x1081x365.5 mm and a load capacity of up to 1,500 kg. This new model ensures great maneuverability and facilitates intralogistics processes, resulting in a significant reduction in operation times.

At Synersight, safety is our top priority. Therefore, we are proud to announce that the SPO complies with the most rigorous standards, including ISO 3691-4 regulations. With us, you can trust that your operation will be supported by products of the highest quality and reliability.

With this launch, we reaffirm our commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our current and future customers, offering a wide range of mobile robotics solutions for various applications in industries such as automotive, food, logistics, warehousing, and aerospace, among others.

Join us in the future of logistics automation with Synersight. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your operation!