Synersight strengthnes communication with its staff at the II General Meeting

Last Saturday, February 25th, Synersight held its II General Meeting in the Auditorium of the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce, which was attended by 60% of the staff in person and 5% via streaming, as the opportunity to attend via videoconference was provided. The objective of the meeting was to share progress and strengthen communication among team members.

During the meeting, the results of the 2022 fiscal year were presented and the most significant achievements of the company were highlighted. In addition, short and long-term plans and objectives were explained.

The meeting was very participatory, generating an atmosphere of collaboration and commitment from all those present.

At Synersight, we are committed to the well-being and motivation of our staff, and we believe that this type of meeting is essential to achieve our objectives and maintain effective communication among all team members” said Jose Antonio Martinez Dominguez, CEO of Synersight.

Synersight emphasizes the importance of maintaining good communication with its staff and thanks the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid for providing their facilities for the realization of this event.