Synersight renews its Innovative SME stamp

Synersight, a leading technology and innovation company, has just renewed its Innovative SME stamp. This certification, granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, recognizes companies that have a clear orientation towards innovation in their processes and products.

The renewal of the Innovative SME stamp is a recognition of Synersight’s commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in its daily work. Since its foundation, the company has maintained a strong commitment to innovation, technology, and continuous improvement, which has allowed it to grow and consolidate as a leading company in the sector.

In Synersight, innovation is a key value that guides all the company’s decisions and actions. From the development of new technological solutions to the improvement of processes, innovation is an integral part of the company’s culture.

The renewal of the Innovative SME stamp is a source of pride for Synersight and a recognition of the work of its entire team. The company will continue to work at the forefront of technology and innovation to continue offering high-quality solutions and added value to its clients.