I want to automate, but… How?

According to a study called “Smart Operations for Future Businesses,” conducted by Accenture, the accelerated digital adoption in companies, driven by the pandemic and new agile ways of operating, could unlock profitable global growth of 4.4 trillion euros.

In Spain, the proportion of companies that are “future-ready” represents only 2% of the total, although it is expected that 48% will achieve maturity in process automation by 2023. Will your company be one of them?

After the pandemic era, the automation industry has led companies to no longer seek to locate their production facilities in low-cost labor areas. Now, proximity production is carried out using the wide range of industrialization tools available to all. This is the key to gaining competitiveness over other companies. Therefore, it is not only important to include automation tools, but it is also essential to undergo a robust cultural transformation of the workforce and their working methods.

Therefore, automation does not just mean incorporating Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) into various processes of an organization; automation is much more. Most companies need comprehensive guidance to embark on this journey, avoiding doing it alone.

This is the primary task that Synersight performs.

Synersight was created to lead the automation projects of the Group’s clients.

To achieve this, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts in technology-related fields, and we will provide you with comprehensive guidance and support to help you achieve your automation goals quickly and safely.

The automation process for our clients begins with a clear objective: to be more efficient, produce more and better, while reducing costs. This is when our team of consultants will start working directly with your teams to jointly define how they will achieve their goal.

And this is just the beginning. Our team of experts will be able to show you simulations of your automated processes before the project begins, reducing the percentage of risk when we are working at your facilities.

automatizar procesos logísticos

At Synersight, we are not only capable of providing the automated equipment to carry this out but also offer a wide range of vehicles, including tow tractors, stackers, and low-profile AGVs. All of these have great adaptability, allowing us to meet all the needs your processes may require, regardless of the country where your company is located.

Our products have been developed for transporting loads on carts/pallets. Our AGVs can handle loads from 200 kg to 25 tons, working indoors and outdoors while handling goods both at ground level and at height. They are categorized into different ranges: mouse, tractors, platforms, and stackers. The navigation systems used by our machines include magnetic tape, natural navigation through Synersight Natural Navigation (our in-house development), and hybrid systems. For more information, you can contact us at:

Once the automation integration process is complete, our team will be with you during the commissioning of the automated system. It’s important to remember that your staff needs to adapt and learn to work with these new tools. Therefore, Synersight provides you with a fleet management system, our in-house developed VSystem. With this management software, you can have complete control and monitoring of all fleet functionalities in a simple and intuitive manner, adapting them to any evolving needs in your processes.

Furthermore, at Synersight, we offer the option to contract post-sales services. These services are highly flexible and can be tailored to your specific business needs. They range from 24/7 remote assistance, preventive and corrective maintenance, customized training for effective maintenance, to the possibility of having post-sales technicians at your own facilities.

Committed to the tangible improvement and results-focused approach for our clients, we strive to improve ourselves every day as well.