Success Story: Production Expansion through AGV Upgrades

In Synersight, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement of our industrial automation solutions. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with one of our clients to help them increase their production capacity. This client was using our CM700-900 AGV models, which, although robust and efficient, had certain limitations that prevented them from achieving their new production goals. This is where our update to the MY23 version comes into play.

The Challenge

The client needed to expand their production capacity and improve operational efficiency. The existing AGVs were limited in the number of destinations and lacked some advanced functionalities required for a more dynamic and flexible operation.


The solution was clear: to upgrade the CM700-900 AGVs to the new MY23 version. This update not only expanded the operational capabilities of the AGVs but also introduced a series of improvements that significantly optimized their performance.

Benefits and New Features of the MY23 Update

  1. Destination Expansion

The old AGVs were limited in the number of destinations they could reach. With the MY23 version, we have significantly expanded this capability, allowing greater flexibility in routes and destinations, thus offering greater versatility in the configuration and operation of the AGVs, better adapting to various production needs. Additionally, due to this circuit expansion, with this new version, we have increased the capacity of tags, allowing for more complex and detailed operation handling and improving operational flexibility.

  1. Enhanced Online Charging

We developed a new solution for online charging that is much more efficient, reducing downtime and ensuring that the AGVs are always ready to operate.

  1. Expansion of Information in VSystems

The MY23 version allows for greater data collection and analysis both in historical and diagnostic terms, facilitating a more detailed and precise monitoring of operations.

  1. Remote Peripheral Update

Thanks to this new version, it is possible to update peripherals remotely, saving time and resources by eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  1. Lithium Battery

The inclusion of the option to use lithium batteries improves energy efficiency, battery life, and lifespan, reducing downtime.

  1. Increased Fault Logging

We have expanded and improved the list of faults that can be reported to VSystems, facilitating more effective and preventive maintenance.

  1. Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The incorporation of temperature and humidity sensors allows for better monitoring of environmental conditions, storing all data in the SD log for detailed analysis.

  1. Internal Peripheral Self-Diagnosis

All internal peripherals now self-diagnose and report any detected faults, providing early and accurate detection of potential failures.

  1. Improved Information and Diagnosis through LCD

The new version enhances the information and diagnosis available through the LCD, offering a more intuitive and detailed interface for operators.


Thanks to this update, the client has not only been able to increase their production capacity but also improve operational efficiency and the reliability of their AGVs. The update to MY23 has been a resounding success, once again demonstrating Synersight‘s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.